Yesterday was the last day I delivered for Caviar. The Doordash Caviar merger is now; finished. It has been a year in the making since Doodash acquired Caviar from Square(A company founded by Jack Dorsey co-founder, and CEO of Twitter) for 400 million dollars. Grubhub was purchased by a Dutch food delivery Company Just Eat Takeaway , for 7.3 billion.

I had been a courier for Caviar since early April 2018. I was able to join Caviar with the referral and assistance of a friend who figured it would be a great way to help me earn income. I had been homeless for several years, and getting a traditional job is not an option.

The gig economy has helped numerous homeless people earn income. But it will not help end homelessness for those partaking in the opportunity.

Caviar was one of the most popular delivery apps appreciated by customers and couriers. Caviar paid well per delivery and had great bonuses and handled customers professionally.

Doordash couriers have to schedule their time like a job. It is a shift oriented system that requires you to be assigned a set amount of hours per day to work.

For over a year, I have also been a courier for Postmates. I enjoy delivering with Postmates, and they are flexible. For instance, when I would, deliver with Postmates and Caviar simultaneously, I was able to maximize my daily earnings.

Postmates recently purchased by Uber for 2.65 billion is the latest Company acquired via merger. Postmates delivers more than food. Square made a deal with Postmates to allow Postmates couriers to be the deliverer of goods for merchants utilizing Square’s point of sale service system.

I recently signed up with Uber eats and made my first deliveries last night. I look forward to seeing how the two apps work simultaneously. I believe eventually Postmates will be fully intergrated into Uber and no longer exist as a seperate entity.

Michael Donley

Peoples Institute For Housing Justice


“The limitation of riots, moral questions aside, is that they cannot win and their participants know it. Hence, rioting is not revolutionary but reactionary it invites defeat. It involves an emotional catharsis. But it must be followed by a sense of futility.”
— Martin Luther King Jr

Looting is an emotional reaction. Not a socio-political act of disobedience. Numerous laws and policies created to benefit the wealthy politically connected looters who have the power in government to enrich themselves even during a pandemic. Crippling families in communities of color is devastating.

Materialism is the main reason young people chose to loot.

In my opinion, robbing and pillaging, small, and commercial retail businesses is not a wise tactic. It will scare and enrage people. But it will not help people in need like my wife and me who have been homeless for seven-plus years.

The big banks with Wall Street robbed Black homeowners and their Communities. The financial meltdown of 2008; Sub-prime lending, Mortgage fraud, and other illicit forms of financial manipulation and discrimination ravaged communities of color.

Neo-liberal and fiscally conservative socio-economic policies; have led to the destruction of affordable and public housing, the defunding of public education, hyper investment in Policing to protect property over people, and out of control, gentrification has enriched the central core of Chicago.
Tactics such as ward gerrymandering and TIF (Tax Increment Financing) theft of desperately needed property taxes from poor Black and Brown communities have fueled the current crisis.

I and my wife; have spent the majority of our time homeless in the West Loop area of Chicago. We witnessed numerous buildings for residential and commercial real estate erected in the area in and around downtown.

We survived near the police training facility and witnessed the steady stream of recruits preparing to protect the city overseers and enforcers of financial and economic power. We have seen the more racist, bigoted, and class-oriented the area had gotten; the more expensive it became to live there.

what we did as a criminal act and not an act of civil disobedience.
What we did was not an emotionally charged act. It was; calculated imperfect action, and we could not steal the home nor vandalize it for it had already sustained damage.

In 2013 when we; were rendered homeless after the Chicago Housing Authority terminated my wife’s housing choice voucher. We decided to occupy a foreclosed home in our community. We knew we were committing an act of civil disobedience. Our intention was not to vandalize the property.

We moved in fixed up the property to live there. Our neighbors were not sure what to think. Our next-door neighbors were glad we were there. It wasn’t until a Wall Street Private Equity firm purchased the home and had us violently removed utilizing the Chicago Police that some people looked at

We raised four children in this city who are now the same age as these young activists and looters. But they don’t give a damn about us. I believe they are not concerned about or marching against police brutality or systemic racism.

Our children laid the burden upon us for being homeless and for them growing up in poverty. They are not concerned; about the economic and systemic racism that’s led to the Neo-fascist Trump Wall Street agenda.

Revolution is necessary to create systematic change.

The prevailing nihilism and lack of empathy and abandonment are eroding the cultural fabric of society. We need to understand anger is passion, not fear. Courage is overcoming fear to make a difference. Frustration must become channeled into determination and righteous action.